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Litespeed S 4.5 Smoke Inlaid

The white trailing edge is now the same material as used for the leading edge- PX-20 (very thick). For the middle part you can get either the lightest Smoke or an almost as light PX-05. If you fly in some really hot areas, like Australia, PX might be the best choice. Otherwise, Smoke gives the lightest weight.

The general idea behind the Inlaid sail is a lighter sail that still pulls nice and flat with the VG on and continues to do so with age.

There is also titanium oxide in the sail -what you have in sunscreen- for UV radiation protection. This also stops the sail material from becoming slightly yellow with time.

Life is Too Precious To Be Enjoyed

Testflying at Stanwell Park, Sydney, Australia

Safety, safety, safety... If we think about it often enough, say it to our friends enough times, or even implement every safety measure possible, will we then be able hold ours lives gently within our cupped hands forever?

To inexactly quote someone whom I can't remember: "We are here to live, not persist."

It's an opportunity, not to see how many billion seconds we can extract and lay claim to, but rather how many meaningful moments will define our 'life'. Fear living and you will be left lingering, loitering the empty streets of your past that was spent, but not lived.

Someone sent me this article:

Life Is Too Precious To Be Enjoyed

By Sarah Freeburg

When I look back on my 61 years, I sometimes think, "If only I had taken the time to really experience everything out there, I would probably be dead by now."

This world has a lot to offer -too much, really- and every time I'm met with the blinding variety o…

Many Ways

Final Sunset

One Way

Another Way

Just remembered something funny that happened at the last night in Valle. The sun set for the last time for us and it was time for everyone to short-pack their gliders for plane rides back home. Here are a couple of pics of the extremes of neatness that I saw. I'll let you guess which one was my pack-up job. :)