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Ten Percent Moments

12th FAI Paragliding World Championship

Team Canada
Brett Hazlett
Keith MacCullough
Claudio Mota My SPOT
Keith's SPOT
Live Tracking

Day Two

We had an amazing race to Avila that started with some zig zagging in the Piedrahita valley and ended with a long downwind leg to goal at Avila.

Conditions were light during the first part of the task, it was quite a struggle to make all the turnpoints. The downwind leg was really fun and I final glided with Michael Sigel.

I knew there had been serious accidents and reserve deployments because of the continuous communicating on the safety frequency. It was only later that I discovered that there had been two fatalities and five reserve deployments.

In response to this the FAI suspended the certification of Competition Class gliders and stopped the championship.

We are all deeply saddened by the accidents and disappointed by the consequences. Two years of racing to earn a position on our national team, so much training, so much money spent on equipment to satisfy CIVL's new rules,…

Ozone Mantra R11

A chilled down tempo meditative evening of ridge soaring, thermaling, and proximity flying at Muller Windsports.

My R11 looks somewhat different to my R10.2 and feels somewhat different to my R10.2 and yet there is a definite familiarity present.

The glider feels a little heavier to pull up in light wind, heavier but not harder. When launching in strong winds it feels more or less the same as my R10.2 but I seem to get it right more often.

The handling is awesome. More or less in the same category as the R10.2, but slightly better. Less hesitation to initiate a turn.

Comfort in rough air feels about the same as the R10.2, probably slightly better.

Speed builds up very quickly with bar and the glider feels great. This is the most exciting thing about the glider, for me.

I put new B handles on that are shorter and have a wider flare and hook them with my first two fingers.

The R11 doesn't spin very well. I tried twice to do a spin landing and all I got was a 180 deg rotation. It woul…

Sky Water Show

I collect videos that will be shown during the famous Sky Water Show of Montreux​
on Bigscreen. Would you give your permission for the public projection of some of your films there? More specifically:

Hanggliding at Torrey Pines​8271511

2011 GV Open​20942598

2011 Pre PWC Superfinal​19693137

Many thanks

Are 2-liner Paragliders Dangerous?

On my way home today I took a shortcut through the military training area and noticed two crash test dummies discussing the safety of 2-liner competition gliders. I couldn't help but stop and whip out my iPhone. Here's what they were saying: 


I destroyed my body at the gym today.. it was multi-hour corporal annihilation. Total physiological punishment.

I've read that creation and destruction are intimately linked. To create something new, the obsolete version of that something must first be destroyed. It applies to uninstalling software, breaking up with a girlfriend, a burning forest in Australia, and shredding muscle fibres in the gym.
I stood there, staring blankly at the ink stamp on my left wrist left by the friendly attendant at the entrance to the gym. It was Monday, yes, but all I could see was.. NOW.
Now is the best time for anything, is it not? And Monday is as good a day as any day for more Now.