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Butterfly Dreams

X Monarca Open


I am already back in Canada. The last ten days have been a vivid overdose of screaming varios, wind noise, and Corona. Including the practice days, 800 km flown. And it is only mid January.

The final task began slow and tricky, but ended fast.

The podium finishers: 1. Josh Cohn 2. Brett Hazlett 3. Marko Hrgetic

Thank-you, Miguel. Thank-you, Claudia. Thank-you Alas del Hombre. Thank-you, Mexico!


It was a full bore race from beginning to end. Full bar until the 65 km were done. Rolf Dale won the task, followed by Marko Hrgetic, and myself. I moved into first place overall, going into the final task tomorrow.



The 80 km task began slowly as we struggled among the rocks towards Divisa, followed by a soft transition over the mesa. The large areas of forest and light lift across the mesa challenged many of us. At this point conditions began to strengthen to 3 m/s and cloud base rose to 3400 m. We gradually added speed until we were raci…