04 October 2008


Carmo do Rio Claro from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.

Goal Bliss

Beautiful Carmo do Rio Claro

Governador Valarares from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.

Valadares sunset

Arriving late in Caratinga



Chasing a lone cloud

High over Governador Valadares

A Santa

Guga is recovering well


Moyes Brasil

11 September 2008


Gliders, gliders and gliders

Motocross with Kraig et al.

4,800-year-old Bristlecone Pine living at 11,000ft

Gunther's launch against The Sierras

Life always finds a way

Little critter on a rock

The Sun rests over goal

The Whites


Long valley glide after climbing to 18,000ft

Owens Valley

Marshall from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.

Massive dam

Testflying a Moyes Litespeed S4: What is wrong with this picture?

Evening flight on UP Edge

The beautiful and fast UP Edge

20 May 2008


Bernard was married to Moon this weekend. Don Glass came all the way from Iowa to attend the wedding. It was a great time!



Bernard was married to Moon this weekend. Don Glass came all the way from Iowa to attend the wedding. It was a great time!


10 May 2008


Chinese restaurants in North America have a tradition of handing out 'fortune' cookies after dinner. I was essentially raised on rice but did not see a fortune cookie until moving to Canada.

They are kind of fun, usually corny, sometimes funny, rarely inspiring. This is a picture of my favourite three, which I keep in my wallet. Each one was inside my fortune cookie days before leaving for an important hanggliding competition.

20 April 2008

Santa Cruz Flats 08

Cotton pod

Moyes Boys instant pack-up job

In the launch line

Francisco Grande Resort

Dustin takes a passenger for a late evening tandem

Aerotow launching on Day 4

Happy to be first in goal and enjoying the only patch of green in miles

Discussing Moyes Boys tactics

Lonely desert road

Picacho Peak

Desert reflections

Distant ridge

High and cold

Moving into the launch line

Connecting harness to glider

Hanggliding paradise

14 March 2008


Dear Brett,

Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.8 score out of (10) in the Sports/Extreme Sports category of Blogged.com. This is quite an achievement! We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style. After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 8.8 score.

Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!


Amy Liu

11 March 2008


A seminar downtown had just finished and I was on my cell with Bernie.... the wind's on, let's go. We didn't have to say it, we knew what it was about. It was the eve of Chris' birthday and it might be the last fly-able day for ten days.

Bernie and I sped out to Müller hill to find light buoyant air and a spectacular sky. We flew into the dimness of the sun setting over the Canadian Rockies.

I thought a lot about Chris, about all I learned from him, about how he was a better friend to me than I to him, but mostly all the fun we had. It has been three years since his accident and now thinking of him makes me feel more happy than sad. So happy about the goodtimes I just can't feel sad about the sadtimes.

The day before: Chris Müller, Brett, Curt Warren

This is the chorus from one of the songs (Kyprios) played at Chris' celebration:

Every life, first the sun then the night falls
We're all on borrowed time, I'll never say goodbye
Take your time, live your life like it's last call
Don't wanna see you cry, we'll never say goodbye....

There is always a road in front of us; we can choose to stand still or keep moving. The distance is just out of sight and who knows what we'll find there. Maybe danger, maybe something we've been waiting to find. We might search our whole lives, only to find nothing. But in that beautiful flux we will find ourselves, our lives and our purpose. All the unknown down the road isn't so dangerous. The most risk lies in the stand-still, the clinging, the fear of losing something, the fear of change. Go.

[VLOG] A Walk in the Garden II

Do we need a reason to fly?