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Ground Effect

After my journey through the unfamiliar, it was cool to be back at my home site, Woodside, where every thermal is an old friend.

My buddy Tyler came out for the first time since his shoulder surgery. He was sore afterwards but had a big smile!

It was a really light day so I'd climb as high as possible, then spin down to a height that I could just climb back up from. I was trying out a new profile so it took a while to get dialed in again. A couple of times it was a little tense finding lift to climb back up.

When we had outlasted the last wave of paragliders, we landed at FlyBC's beautiful field. No wind and glassy smooth air makes for fun landings!

You'd think 4 hours of thermalling would've been enough but I rushed back up to fly my paraglider. Too late for lift and it was already blowing down so I had to double-speed run off the mountain. I held on to my risers and pulled myself upright to look down to the farmers' fields passing by... suddenly I felt like I was sit…



Spent a day in São Paulo, waiting for my flight, which gave me time to bullet-proof pack my carbon S4.5 and help Marcelo tune his paramotors.

Going for lunch was fun... speeding through downtown São Paulo on the back of his motorcycle, weaving through rush-hour traffic, had me closing my eyes for most of it.

It was sad to say good-bye to my friends, after spending the last 2 weeks together and sharing so many cool adventures, but I'm sure we'll meet again soon, somewhere.

The fairly long flight back to Canada was the perfect time to unwind, sip on a drink, and reflect over how awesome (used correctly) the last 5 weeks had been.

As we flew over the snowy peaked mountains of the Cascades, I was reminded that home was near... and just in time for Spring flying!

São Paulo State Championship

Feeling good in goal

The São Paulo State Championship or Campeonato Paulista, a 2-day competition, started on 6 May. Most of the best Brazilian pilots are from São Paulo so this felt more like a mini Worlds or something. Plus Brazil has some solid pilots that the rest of the World hasn't heard about because they never leave Brazil. And why would they... they developed within a country with the most varied flying conditions that I know of, and are influenced/inspired by some of the best pilots in the World: Betinho Schmitz, Nenê Rotor, Andre Wolf, and the Niemeyer brothers, to name a few.

Task 1

A light blue day encouraged the task committee to call a 55km straight-line task to an airport, with an expected initial tailwind and final headwind near goal.

With the light conditions nobody wanted to launch first. I had been ready on the North (low) side for more than 10min, waiting and watching. Some of the top guys came up to me and said that we should all launch together, but nobody wante…

Echoes and Reflections

This is Flytec country

Tickling spectators' bellies with my VG cord

It was awesome to be back in Andradas again; that place has come into my mind every so often since I first went there, last September. I was in the mood for some play flying, so I took the opportunity to practise my spins and do some relative work (me relative to spectators, bushes, paragliders, etc.) Made a paraglider friend on launch and soon we were doing syncro wing-overs just above launch, in the light lift. Touched his sail a few times too on fly-bys... when you get really close to a paraglider wing in-flight you realize how there is quite a steep angle to the aerofoil (high angle of attack). I noticed that as I flew past to touch the wing with my fingers, I had to dive below him slightly and then climb upwards as I flew pass, to contour the wing surface. A little tense, but fun.

Later I did some low passes along launch... soon there was a line of 5 people lying in the grass, side by side on their backs, waitin…