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13th FAI World Paragliding Championship


Strong north wind. Jeremie LAGER of France is World Champion!

Reluctantly, the time has arrived to travel home. But we take with us memories that will endure a life time!


Strong north wind.


Strong north wind.


One hundred and thirty glorious kilometres over magnificent mountains, alpine meadows, and forested plateaus.

The forecast was excellent and, finally, we had pleasant launch conditions.

I launched directly into a solid 5 m/s thermal that lifted me to the 3000 m cloudbase within minutes. It was cold and rough as we sped along the course, deep in the mountains.

The final glide proved to be critical. Many landed tragically short. I made the difficult decision to abort final glide only a few kilometres from the end-of-speed section and turned 90 degrees to the course line to search for lift. I used the little height that I had to dive low into the lee of the south hills and miraculously found a little dragon of a thermal that nearly frontalled my …