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Torrey Pines

Ridge racing with Kraig Coomber at Torrey Pines, San Diego, California.

As my 777 landed in LA for one last chance to fly Torrey Pines before leaving for Malaysia, things were looking dim, literally. I only had a one-day layover in LA and the night before it poured rain. In fact, it stormed. I didn't even know that it was possible for it to rain like this in LA... ever.

By the next morning things had improved dramatically. Kraig checked the weather and all the Torrey indicators were saying it was a Torrey day. We stuffed down a couple of bagels and rushed over to his warehouse for a last weather check and to load the gliders.

On the long drive out we kept repeating to ourselves... it's going to rain, it's going to rain... just to not jinx ourselves.

We had been talking about the only superstition that I have, which is that if I ever have a thought of satisfaction or contentment before I have actually fully completed a task, my reward will be a single additional challenge betwe…


A dreamy evening flight in Brazil.

Disclaimer: Always wear a EN 966 certified helmet when paragliding


I recently spent a few days in LA to visit Moyes USA and help out with some testflying. We had a beautiful winter thermal flight at Sylmar, which is one of my favourite sites. Generally smooth thermals that were working really low allowed us to race along the range with no fear of landing out. It was a perfect end to the Northern flying season.