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Dear Brett,

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Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!


Amy Liu


A seminar downtown had just finished and I was on my cell with Bernie.... the wind's on, let's go. We didn't have to say it, we knew what it was about. It was the eve of Chris' birthday and it might be the last fly-able day for ten days.

Bernie and I sped out to Müller hill to find light buoyant air and a spectacular sky. We flew into the dimness of the sun setting over the Canadian Rockies.

I thought a lot about Chris, about all I learned from him, about how he was a better friend to me than I to him, but mostly all the fun we had. It has been three years since his accident and now thinking of him makes me feel more happy than sad. So happy about the goodtimes I just can't feel sad about the sadtimes.

The day before: Chris Müller, Brett, Curt Warren

This is the chorus from one of the songs (Kyprios) played at Chris' celebration:

Every life, first the sun then the night falls
We're all on borrowed time, I'll never say goodbye
Take your time, live your life lik…