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The Island of Gods : RAW

Paragliding World Cup videographer, Philippe Broers, challenged me to add live commentary to my videos. This is an attempt to do something highly unnatural for me: to verbalize every thought while flying a competition paraglider (EnZo) at full speed, low along coastal cliffs, during a 90 km flight on the island of Bali, Indonesia. In this video I philosophize about life, describe strategies and tactics, and observe my surroundings.

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Things happen for the first time, they happen for the last time. To me it is all the same. It is now.
Flying my EnZo at full speed over a beach more secluded than I have ever imagined, midway through a 50 km ridge run. To the left is the island of Bali, Indonesia and to the right is the Indian Ocean.


"To fly is to touch the wind, smell the clouds, hear the sun, see beyond the horizon." Anonymous
Thirty six hours of buses, aeroplanes, and taxis brought me back to Canada, with Araxa clouds still dancing in my head.
Was I really there?
As I close my eyes to sleep, I can still feel the motions of my EnZo at full speed, G-loading fluctuating, risers losing tension, my wrists twitching as fast as Bruce Lee jacked on Red Bull to keep the wing open.
Yes, I was.

Day 7

The final task and one that would allow a second task discard. Imagine flying the last day of competition knowing that if you bomb, it will not count. It will be as if it never happened, just a bad dream. We did not imagine it, we lived it.
It was last day discard mania as EnZos, IP6s, and Core2s raced pulley-to-pulley with nothing to lose. We would be on full bar even before leaving each thermal and would hold full bar through thermals that were not good enough. Speed-to-fly had no meaning today, neither …

PWC Sun Valley

Day 2

An epic 200 km task was flown over immense and remote terrain. No pilot completed the task but many flew 150+km. We used oxygen systems and climbed to altitudes of up to 18,000 ft.

This video is a 3 min condensation of indescribable adventure.

Day 1

The 61 km partial out-and-return was stopped when pilots reported wind, rain, and hail. The task will not be scored.
I was already packing up near town when I heard the news on the safety frequency. The sky just did not look like it would main composure long enough for us to get through the course. It looked like it would hang on just long enough for us to arrive in the middle of it. I drove upwind and landed as close to town as possible. While packing up I watched the situation deteriorate and listened to the pilot reports becoming more anxious.
Despite finding a huge grassy area out in the open, it was full combat all the way to the ground. I was flying backwards in regular gusts and using most of my tricks to keep my glider open…

Our Sun

Our Sun descends behind a screen of smoke from forest fires in Idaho. En route to paragliding world cup, Sun Valley.

Into the Blue

Hanging from 1mm kevlar lines and ripstop nylon, I take my paraglider on an adventure deep into pure Canadian wilderness.. grizzly territory.

Grouse Revisited

Ninety seconds of visuals of the cliffs, waterfalls, lakes, and sea of evergreen over Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, Canada.

This. Is. Canada.

The 2012 Canadian Paragliding Nationals will be here! An idyllic alpine paragliding wonderland has been created by Jim and Corinne of Cayoosh Expeditions. After a chilled out evening soaring the tree covered slopes, vertical rock faces, and waterfalls of this valley, I cannot wait to be back for the competition.

Beyond Dream

I had a dream. It went something like this..

Paragliding in 60 Seconds

Paragliding World Cup Superfinal

News, results, photos, and live tracking: Paragliding World Cup Association

Task 11

The final task was 80 km of full bar racing within the classic Valle convergence zone. I witnessed a reserve throw and long ride to the ground, which eased my speed bar use slightly.

Peter Neuenschwander won the task again, thus holding his lead to become World Cup Champion.

Task 10

A 120 km task, the longest task called in the history of Valle de Bravo. I was in the air for 6 hours, including pre start and post end-of-speed section flying.

Ulrich Prinz won the task.

Task 9

A 100 km task in the roughest air this trip has had to offer. It was great fun.

The highlight of this flight for me was narrowly avoiding landing on course by climbing out from 50 m, in the shade, between a hill and high tension power lines.

Marco Littame won the task.

Task 8

Cancelled when near 100% cirrus cover created insufficiently soarable conditions for a suitable task. There was light lift around which many pilots took advantage…

Check-in/OK message from Brett Hazlett SPOT Messenger

Brett Hazlett
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Pousei em seguranca
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How would I describe Canada?

In lieu of adequate words let me use an image that I captured while walking along the Bow river this morning.