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PWC Korea

This is the video that made of the event, filmed in 720p @ 60 FPS.

The days after an important competition are peaceful and contemplative. The anticipation leading up to the event and the physical and mental exhaustion during the event leaves me feeling calm. Usually there is a long trip back home which offers uninterrupted time to reflect upon what happened during the competition, the amazing things I saw, the amazing people whom I shared the sky with, and how I have developed, ever so slightly, as a pilot.

I finished 14th overall and therefore was guaranteed qualification for the Superfinal in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, in January 2012.

Day 7

Low base, light rain, poor visibility.. the last day of PWC Korea has been cancelled. The competition is over.

Day 6

This morning I opened my eyes slowly and could see through my hotel window that the front had arrived. There was high overcast, some low cloud, and a cool humid feeling.

We were taken to launch to wait for conditions to improve. A few …