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2011 Pre PWC Superfinal in Valle de Bravo

The final results are here:

Congratulations to Raul Penso, Marko Hrgetic, and Yassen Savov!

Task 6: Despite all the rain the night before, the morning brought hope of a last task. The task committee (Len, Ronny, Alejandra) created a clever 60 km task that would mitigate the strong wind (35 km/h), large cumuli clouds, and low base (2900 m).

1. 5 km exit start around the Piano at 12:15, 12:30, 12:45: 1:00
2. 2 km from Divisadero
3. 4 km from La Pila
4. 500m from Despegue
5. ESS 2 km around La Torre
6. Goal at 500 m around La Torre

I took the first start with Jan Hassen and a few others. After crossing the gap I noticed Yassen 500 m to my left and flying with lots of bar. I flew with as much bar as I could in the turbulence but Yassen gradually moved forward until he was about 1.5 km ahead. On the glide out into the valley to get La Pila we were getting a 10:1 against the wind until the last 1 km when we found some memorable sin…