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Pre World Hang Gliding Championship 2006

Results are here!

Gerolf reaches for base

Gerolf and Jonny talk tech in goal

On the road again... this time to the Pre Worlds in Big Spring, Texas.

Man, it's good to be here with so many elite pilots who are also my friends, to hang out and go racing. Comparing our latest gear and tactics is cool but what's special is that we understand each other and 'get' why we do this stuff.

Task 1

A 120km task with a 20km/h tailwind, base of 3000m and 3-4m/s climbs.

What an awesome day of flying! After 2 days of prep-ing gear, a good day of racing was just what I needed.

There were 3 startgates, 15min apart. Most took the middle start, and looking back it seems to have been the best choice.

Gerolf Heinrichs won the day with 1h 41min, followed closely by myself and Attila Bertok. When I saw Attila to my side, diving to goal, I was like 'it's on baby'... we kept trying to fly just a little faster than each other until it looked like we'd both land short. In the last 800m, I w…