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Butterfly Dreams : RAW

We spontaneously stretched our arms out, giggling like children. I began to tear and wondered why. Instead of feeling as a lonely particle lost in a vast and indifferent universe, I experienced being the universe, a tiny drop of it. As integral as rock. A feather on an immense wing. Deeply, I have always contained this knowledge, but somehow I had become forgetful. An old man wandering the streets at night, struggling to remember his address. I was sad to realize that I had forgotten, for so long, who I really am, and so grateful to remember once again. A comforting memory deep in the past, returning to the surface. All this, not as thought, but as experience, there, high over that immense vapour mountain.

OUTERLOCAL The Deeper Side of Wild

This social media site for adventure athletes has amazing stories, images, and videos of "Sports that can kill you (and the people who love them)."