13 October 2007

Thanksgiving @ Müller Hill

Müller Hill from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.

Every Thanksgiving there's a massive banquet feast at the Müller's. It's the last big get-together for the season, a last chance to re-lie the season's stories while your friends nod, pretending to buy them.

Of course, classic soarable air is pre-ordered for the afternoon so that everyone is hungry and happy, in time for dinner. My routine is to stuff myself on Felix's strüdel but leave a little room to taste the turkey. Hey, that's how I roll.

Here's my first attempt at 'audio visual digital video' editing, or whatever it's called. Personally, I think it should be called a time sink.

Anyways, to all my family, homeboys and homegirls, wherever you are... Happy Thanksgiving!

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