12 October 2011

GoPro Photo of the Day

47 minutes ago
GoPro Photos
  • Thanks for sharing your photo with us! We liked it so much we named it Photo of the Day on our Facebook page.

    Photos like yours truly inspire us, and we love showing the world what incredible customers we have.

    We know our fans would be stoked if you commented on the version of the photo we reposted to our wall, and share how, when, where, and what settings were used to get this awesome shot.

    Thanks for getting out and rocking the GoPro!


    Team GoPro
  • Photo of the Day!

    Hanggliding at 15,000 ft. in Arizona with GoPro fan Brett Hazlett!
    Everyday GoPro chooses an awesome fan photo to be Photo of the Day!
    By: GoPro

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