21 September 2014

Paragliding World Cup Superfinal

Desert flower
Task One was cancelled due to unsafe conditions for launching. We had a nearly constant tailwind on launch and a few wind dummies, who successfully launched during short breaks in the tailwind, could not climb above launch height.

Stable conditions during the second and last practice day produced light thermal and leeside conditions. The air was textured but still enjoyable.

It was too windy to fly on the first of two practice days. Instead, we explored Pamukkale.

Twenty seven hours later, home feels far away.

Dawn departure

The morning sun arrives, lingering fog retreats, and I begin the long journey to Denizli, Turkey.

Last test flight at Grouse Mountan

It is time. At some point, when there is nothing left to prepare, you have to leave. I cling to the relative comfort and certainties of home, wonder why I feel this incessant force pulling me towards the sky, and feel sad at the thought of leaving family and friends. When the time comes, I go anyways.

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