01 April 2017

ANTICIPATION | SLR Magic 8mm f/4

SLR Magic 8mm f/4

This is a special lens, for the micro four thirds system. A lens so wide, so light, so economical, has not existed until now.

Personally, I produce more content with a lens when it is:

Light, so I have it with me even when I’m not expecting opportunities.
Economical, so I am willing to use it in situations where it could be lost or damaged.
Easy to operate, so handling the lens does not interfere with my creative process.
Optically interesting, so I can discover its character and learn to use its strengths.

This is exactly such a lens!

It’s nominal optical performance peaks in the range f/5.6-f/8. By default I use f/8. For video, on my Black Magic Design Micro Cinema Camera, or my Z-Cam E1, I use mostly f/5.6-f/8. For photography, if near constant edge-to-edge detail is important for the impact of the image -rarely- I would lean towards f/11. If light is a little low, f/5.6. F/4 is best when minimizing the ISO setting is a priority.

I just love the straight diverging lines of this ultra wide lens. In stills, it can create a feeling of presence in the scene, in video, a sensation of acceleration or hyper awareness.

In a short time, I have become attached to this lens. I enjoy holding it, feeling the smoothness of the focus and click less aperture rings, smiling at its small size and weight, and appreciate what it does with light. The files interest me, motivate me to edit, and make me want to take the lens out again.

I can recommend this lens and wish the same experience for you! 

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