22 June 2006

2006 Canadian National Hang Gliding Championship

Launching from Mount 7

Guess why it's called Mount 7 (hint: snow)

Scores and animated tracks

Golden, British Columbia, known for big mountains and big air, was the site for this year's Nationals.

We had unstable air and thunderstorms during the first few days, but were able to fly tasks between 5 and 8pm- usually out-and-returns of 50-70km.

The final 2 days were booming with 13,000ft bases and 4m/s climbs. A 104km task done in less than 2h and finally a 108km out-and-return on the last day.

Final Standings:

1st Brett Hazlett (Litespeed S4.5 carbon)
2nd Jon Orders AKA Spike (Litespeed S4- Jonny's 05 Texas glider)
3rd Jeff Rempel (Airborne Climax)

It was kinda cool to win for the 6th year in a row... a couple of guys are motivated and have been listening to want I've been telling them. They're starting to figure out what racing really is, so I might have to try harder next year!

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