16 July 2006

UP Fast 2

Went into the valley to check out the Bridal Falls Air Races. Pretty cool... kinda like a flying festival atmosphere, lots of pilots, spectators and activities.

It was also a chance to get some more time on my new UP Fast 2 harness. I've had a crush on this harness from when I was still only flying hanggliders. Then they came out with the 2. I did some mods to it, to make it really skinny and more like a comp hanggliding harness. I'm pretty much there now and lov'n it! It's lite, tite and clean!

At lower launch it was blowing down and cloud was spreading-out over the back and putting us in shade. Lots of waiting and then Byron and I launched into a cycle that could be felt around the corner. Hit base before my first iPod track was over and did a bit of a tour of the valley before landing at the Golf course. It was really pleasant packing up on the clean grass, in the warm summer breeze, with so much colour on the ground and in the air. A brief flight 'cause I had to get back before dark. Still nice...

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