24 February 2006

Classic Valle

We were treated with a few clouds and clearer skies today. A more optimistic 80km task was called with turnpoints to position us along the convergence area.

It was smoother and cooler than the last couple of days, almost shivering at cloudbase.

Had a good start and pulled maybe 5min on the rest, until I got a bit low diving low-ish over the plateau for the convergence area. It wasn't that bad but enough of a delay that when my climb turned on I saw Dustin cruise in 100m below.

On the ground the wind was all over the place, but the clouds were pretty reliable. Dustin and I stayed together for the rest of the task, until I left on final when he wasn't looking, to win the day by a minute or so.

I'm lying in a hammock right now, sipping on a mango smoothie, and trying fried cactus for the first time. After a classic race day in Valle, and feeling all the tension of today's competition dissolve into the setting sun, the day just feels right.

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  1. Brett,

    Mango smoothie... I envy you!
    Good to see you blogging.
    Have fun in the air!


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