19 February 2006

Millennium Cup

I'm back in blogger-space after a hiatus- a gap in time, space, and continuity.

Been busy, just not with flying. Spent most of the last few months in Canada, with a month in there somewhere in southeast asia... long story, for another time.


Seduced by stories of beautiful flying, Monarch butterflies, and volcanoes, I'm leaving tomorrow for the 2006 Millennium Cup, in Valle de Bravo. I've often thought about flying this area, but now my state-of-mind is less 'thinking' and more 'doing'.

First a day in L.A. with Kraig Coomber. Haven't seen my buddy since he had his little girl- it'll be great to meet her.

Also can't wait to meet my new baby, the new S3.5 with the awaited hybrid-inlaid sail.

1 comment:

  1. Have fun in Mexico; I'm envious. What's a "hybrid-inlaid" sail?


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