22 February 2006

Solar Bliss

Kraig Coomber's daughter, Rylee

The new S3.5 with Inlaid sail

First flight in Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo

I'm tired of talking about the nightmares of traveling with a hangglider. But let me just say that the glider that I was picking up in L.A. arrived at the freight warehouse from Sydney 2 hours before my flight to Mexico City! Kraig and I re-packed my glider for check-in travel in an insane rush that I've experienced so many times before.

LAX takes a awhile to get through but somehow I convinced the airline to take my glider and made it to the departure gate in time. The glider arrived undamaged and my buddies Marco and Rudy picked me up for the long drive out of Mexico City to Valle de Bravo. In bed by 3am and up early to assemble my glider in time for a practice flight.

Damn it was nice to be setting up on a beautiful sunny launch with the anticipation of XC pleasure...

Dustin and I split up pretty soon after launch and I went on an exploratory tour of the area before heading back to land by the lake. Flew over to the North side of the lake to have a look and then spent 30min on the small flying site next to the LZ, in the smooth evening ridge lift. The light and smooth air was just want I needed to fine tune my impressions of the glider before landing.

Mexican beer, friends that I haven't seen in ages, and the warm sunset by the lake... nice.

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