16 April 2006

Flytec Championship Task 1

A 30km/h Westerly made the task call difficult, with Orlando airspace close downwind of Quest. The 102km crosswind out-and-return task was never completed. Myself, Oleg, Curt, and Bruno landed together to tie for first for the day.

It was one of those challenging days, where 5h of rough windy conditions drain your physical and mental energy. But once you're through it, you're glad you put in the effort.

The last little bit of the flight was really cool... a low save at 500ft near a forest but we had to follow it way downwind before getting any height. Then we were fighting straight upwind for the rest of the flight. Drifted over a couple of turqoise lakes; having something pretty to look at made the exhausting flight a little more pleasant.

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  1. Good luck for the next task. More pictures would be great.


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