18 April 2006

Flytec Task 2

Quest Air

Yo from the Master Jim Lee

On Course

At Base

Boys At Goal

After losing a day to wind, all of us were ready for a big day of flying. A cross tail 108km task to Avon Park would be our task.

Lots of puffy liar clouds to confuse us, all the more difficult with the initial 900m cloudbase. Conditions continued to get weaker for the first half of the course, ending with Jonny, Oleg, and I drifting for 5km while slowly losing 100m of height. Oleg said he was down to 260m AGL at one point. A bit tense at times but most of it was just a test of patience. As I drifted across a large lake, and watched Oleg's glider juxtaposed against the ripples of the water's surface, I was reminded how cool it was to be here and now exploring Florida's waterscape from the air.

The last part of the task contained a little convergence, as a small gift for our hard work thus far. Still we climbed fully and glided only a little faster than best glide to finally over-fly the developed urban terrain preceding Avon Airport.

Oleg, myself, and Jonny crossed in that order, followed by a bit of a gap before the next gaggle made it in.

Overall a pleasant day in Florida with other friends that know why we do this.


  1. Nice pitures Brett you must be getting more co-ordinated in the air now to be able to take those pictures....

  2. Those are great pics you took in the air...thanks so much for sharing your experience with us - its really cool to see what things look like from your point of view. What kind of camera are you shooting with??


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