19 April 2006

Flytec Task 3

Crossing goal last year

Some real Florida flying today with conditions that accelerated from 1m/s and 1000m to 4m/s and 1400m towards the end of the 100km task. It was like an explosion of atmospheric energy. The converging sea breezes created this warm compression zone with super buoyant air and towering cumulus. With each glide, the bar moved slightly more rearward as interthermal speeds begun at 60km/h and increased to 80km/h.

The usual match race during the last 20km was fun to watch and be a part of. Oleg and I raced side by side to the goal line, seconds apart, at 120km/h. Oleg got me by a couple of seconds as we skimmed the tree line into Quest, but it was a fair fight.

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