19 September 2005

Cathay Pacific Airtime

Moyes Headquarters

On Approach to Sydney

Transit in Hong Kong

Ya know, I don't mind long plane rides. Lack of sleep, unfamiliar airports, miscellaneous time zones that you just can't keep track of, anonymous people that you don't have to talk to (bonus); you never really know what time it really is or where you are... is the sun rising or setting?

It puts you into a kind of alternate state. You're in transition, neither here nor there. Wandering along endless transit hallways, brightly lit and largely devoid of people reminds me of that hallway leading to the Source in the Matrix. That portal where you are confused about where you've been and where you are going, maybe even if it happens in that order.

Lots of time to think... about anything. You can ponder the significance of your existence, or figure out how to use the self timer on your camera and take pictures or yourself. I did both.

Result: Lots of pics, no luck on the significance part.

Got to the Moyes Factory and Steve Moyes had just left to go testflying on the coast at Stanwell Park. So I just chill'd today, but I'll be ready for some action tomorrow. Ten gliders to testfly so it may be a long one!

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