23 September 2005

Mind Play

All 450kg of gear made it on the plane... lucky lucky. After loading all that through the airport I was happy to find showers there. Felt brand new and ready for a long, long plane ride.

When you know you're going to be in the same seat for 24 hours, it kind of forces you to relax, doesn't it? I mean what the hell are you going to do or fix during the flight... jack squat! You can't do nothing about nothing so you may as well work something out in your head. It's the perfect time to findify some answertude.

My mindplay on this flight was glider tuning. After mess'n around with some ideas in Sydney, I still had more to try. It's surprising how many questions you can answer with a few hours of undistracted focus. Sure, testflying is essential, but all the pre-thought prepares you to notice the most subtle but critical clues during the sensory flood of a flight.

I'm waiting in transit in Auckland, New Zealand at the moment. Looking around me at the hundreds of passengers wandering aimlessly, staring at their duty-free receipts and listening to the way-loud boarding announcements... my head is filled with a singular thought... Hanggliders are awesome!


  1. whoops...it's...out to save the motherfuckin day, YEAH!

  2. team canada, fuck yeah...out to save the mother fuckin day!


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