14 September 2005

Monsta Trip

After a few weeks of only local airtime, I'm ready for some real flying!

Just accepted a Moyes mission to compete in the last stage of the Brazilian Hanggliding Nationals.

The first stop from Vancouver is the Moyes glider factory in Sydney, Australia, to build a new secret weapon. Well, that and surfing. Then to Rio... and a long drive to Andradas.

The comp is in a part of Brazil that I haven't flown yet; I'm looking forward to the adventure of this new playground. From what I've heard, it's a semi-arid part of the interior, with rolling hills.

The Brazilians are fast and super-confident in their own country; it's going to be an intense time!

Check out this itinerary: Vancouver-->Hong Kong-->Sydney-->Auckland-->Buenos Aires-->Rio de Janeiro

About 60h just to get there... lots of time to think. It'll leave me smelling of Eau de Boeing, for sure.

Still have a couple of days to pack.

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