08 October 2005

Cloud Dancing



We lost another day due to the influence of a cold front, so I spent a few hours at launch helping Moyes pilots with their tuning and hardware issues.

The other day, I had half an hour to kill before the start gate, so I had some fun playing with the clouds.

Didn´t fly into clouds but I was able to climb above cloudbase in a small clear area surrounded by towering cumuli. The upwind cloud was about 500m high and was cresting like a wave. The cloud movement here seems faster than other places... you can watch clouds develop without having to look away every so often to notice the changes.

Imagine looking up at a wave the size of a mountain, as it comes crashing down on you. Strangely, I was drawn to it. If I had allowed myself to be engulfed by the cloud, would that be surrendering control, or taking it?

Good weather on the way...

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