20 October 2005


After a fun few days in Atibaia, a city near São Paulo, it was time to head back to Australia.

São Paulo-->Buenos Aires-->Auckland-->Sydney

24 hours of roaring jets, fluorescent lighting, allocated seating, and airline food later... I landed on a very very large island.

Here they seem more concerned with someone bringing in some fruit, than drugs... fair enough, there is a lot to protect here.

Caught up with everyone at Moyes about all the funny stuff that happened during the trip.

The next morning I was having breakfast on Vicki's patio, when two locals came to visit me. Not sure if they were interested in me or my muesli, pears, honey and yoghurt...

Then I hit the gym and spent some time at Coogee beach. The sun was strong, but the air cool. The water... well, it was beautiful.

God I love Australia.

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