05 October 2005

Terminal X

Terminal X, sponsor of the competition, with live webcasts at launch.


Guga takes the day again. A 95km task that went against a 20km/h headwind into the flats, with high overcast and no clouds. Real tricky...

The rest of the course was blaz'n. The final leg into the mountains was really interesting. Flew over a massive rock formation that looks like a giant elephant lying on its belly on top of the mountain, with its ears drooping, and trunk stretched out in front. Asked the locals about it later... guess what, its called Pedra do Elefante (Elephant Rock).

It was like 3 flights in one, each leg presenting entirely different conditions.

Again the wind went head lower down and nearly got us during the final glide. A last 100m hill before goal handed us a dose of lee-side turbulence and sink to welcome us. A small detour to some circling urubus brought us back to glide height. Same story as yesterday, 6 pilots playing chicken with the goal line. An exciting end to a cool task over a special part of the World.

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