17 October 2005


O Gavião always launches first.

I have heard that talking is a phenomenon that occurs only once thinking has ceased. If this is true I would like to know what the hawk thinks...

With time, words change their meaning... their significance isn't constant. Words like success, happiness, love, purpose... meant something different to us when we were kids, when we were teenagers, and as adults. Even as adults the flux is continuous. But there is one word that has remained constant in my life; unchanging, immutable, ever-present, and self-justifying... Fun. I've never had some fun, then wished I hadn't! You don't need a reason to have fun, you just have it, and it feels right.

I remember playing in my backyard in Melbourne when I was about 4. An inflatable pool, the sun, water everywhere. All was right in the World... looking up at one of the lemon trees I thought... one day I'll be big enough to reach one. Through the years, I've found my fun in different ways, and in different places, but the feeling has been the same.

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