17 October 2005

Victim of Fun

Climbing out from launch

Looking ahead on course

M for Moyes

Sloped LZ

New friends

Woke up feeling tired from all the hardcore flying lately, so I walked to the waterfall and dove in... brrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! The water was cold but it sure felt good... better than a Starbucks any day. Then I lay on a warm rock and gazed into the sky, to imagine what adventures the day would bring.

After planning a 150km triangle, we landed trying to fly towards rising ground, along the first leg. The last bit was way fun, as we navigated through the narrow valleys and over the 200-300m hills... micro-scale thermal XC. Landed on the steep slopes of a 50m hill, fly-on-the-wall style. The hill was so steep, it was difficult to walk down, but the radio reception from the top was great.

Gun shots fired, but it was only people in the nearby town celebrating a holiday.

A few people from the town came by to see what was going on and check out our wings.

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